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Chomsky: “The road to South Africa has been paved and will not be blocked until the Western world presents Israel with an unequivocal choice: Stop the annexation and dismantle most of the colonies and the settler state, or be an outcast.”
"When I comment on pro-Israel posts to mention that Gaza has a higher death count, everybody thinks I wish Gaza would just bomb Israel off the map, or that I have absolutely no idea what’s going on, or that I don’t believe in the Bible, or that I’m just deceived by the devil. It’s kind of a theme."
This happens inside the churches and outside, in the political realm…the common themes are many between the political right (and often also “the middle”) and the religious right. They blend together in a very creepy way.

"No President in post World War II era has cared less about foreign policy than Obama. Is Obama the worst President? " says the guy who sneered at the very idea of the U.N.

.@Glassdimly: “You really can’t fake what you’ve experienced. And you can’t fake how you live your life. But verbal statements of belief can be faked and usually are.”

When Faith Means Reciting a Social Script: What is a Christian? Part 2 | glassdimly | Christ

More gems on “belief” as “social performance”. Crucial perspective on the “meaning” of “belief”. Remembering the roots of the word as “By-life” or “what you live by”

"Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler is scrambling to change his “open Internet” proposal after a torrent of criticism from Internet giants, startups, venture capitalists, public-interest groups and consumers."

general approach with the ability to sell faster delivery for some web content will be the same, but according to an unnamed official, will include language to make sure the FCC would have to make sure any deal doesn’t put nonpaying companies at an unfair disadvantage

FCC may revise the new net neutrality rules, but it’s unlikely to satisfy critics

This is nonsense. It cannot be done. The first part creates the conditions that result in the second part. Nice try Wheeler. Take your word for it? Nah. We’ve seen what YOU want to do.

Brian McLaren on @Frank_Schaeffer ‘s new book “Why I Am An Atheiest Who Believes In God”:

"Somewhere between the sterile, absolute, and empty formulae of reductionist, totalitarian science and the earnest, hostile, excessively certain make-believe of religious fundamentalism, there is a beautiful place. "

"If you compare the costs of the Reagan Administration’s serial security lapses in Beirut to the costs of Benghazi, it’s clear what has really deteriorated in the intervening three decades. It’s not the security of American government personnel working abroad. It’s the behavior of American congressmen at home.

Now, barely three months after the president identified him as “a strong supporter of net neutrality,” Wheeler has rolled out a proposal that our most digitally engaged newspaper, The Guardian, delicately suggests would “axe-murder net neutrality.”

Net Neutrality Will Be Saved Only If Citizens Raise an Outcry | Perspectives |

Disgusting. Does Obama have any say or idea or oversight in what these choices of his are doing with their appointed responsibilities?

if we don’t let Jesus himself teach us to read the Scriptures according to himself, then our Christian faith will be lost. The story of the Flood is a prime example. Christ came to show us who God truly is. So we should be able to understand that gods who command genocidal floods are the gods of old — the gods who in every culture command a good and sacred violence to stop the flood of human violence. The God who places a rainbow covenant in the sky — precisely as a promise to never try to solve the problem of violence by inflicting more violence — is the God we meet in Christ. God on the cross suffers our violence.

Theology & Peace: From Noah to Easter

This is an awesome insight, and one I can’t stress enough my full and hearty “Amen”. The key in the Noah story is that additional promise, which is , in effect, a stark contrast; a sign in the Old Testament of the things to come in Jesus, who was known to say “But I say to you” about many of the prevailing interpretations of the Scriptures in his day.